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Your workspace like you have
never seen before

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Window being dragged by cursor on a macOS desktop

As easy as drag
and drop

The edges of your screen take you where you want to be. You control your workspace. No intrusive UI or complicated controls. Just drag and drop. Mosaic will do the rest.

A shortcut to where you want to be

Seamlessly integrate Mosaic into your workflow with global shortcuts. Intuitive key combinations make memorization a breeze. You'll be an expert in no time.

Window floating over a macOS desktop along with three keyboard keys: Option, Shift and the letter 'U'
Three windows neatly organized over a macOS desktop

All about the space in between

Let your content breathe by defining space between your windows. Let the colours of your background shine through for a much more pleasant experience.

Two angular brackets representing 'code'

For Developers

Neatly arrange multiple source code files, emulators or web browsers to boost your productivity

A color pallete as used by painters

For Designers

Have your mood board, your colour palettes and canvas on sight so you never miss a moment of inspiration

Two stacked books alogn with a bookmark

For Students

Assignments, research papers, emails, documents... Phew! Never lose sight of your most important things

Three screenshots of macOS desktops running Mosaic stacked on top of each other

Ready to take control of your productivity?